Cooler, Fall Season Doesn’t Mean the End of Tick Season

By Amy Schenck, Newark Pet Health Examiner

September means not only back to school, but our first introduction into cooler weather. New Jersey has already seen a break in temperature in the last week and a half.

During our recent summer months, dog and outdoor cat owners alike have been protecting their friends with flea and tick collars and/or drops. It’s imperative to follow these same precautions well through the fall.

Although the adult tick’s highest peak in the North East occurs during May through July, ticks will remain active in searching for hosts up until October or even later depending on weather conditions. As a matter of fact, despite a chill in the air, ticks are able to detect the carbon dioxide being released from a warm blooded animal such as a dog or deer, and be enticed to latch on for a warm meal.

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