Dogs and Disease: The transfer of zoonotic disease from canines to owners

By Elizabeth Miller, Cleveland Dog Health Examiner

Our dogs can be like our own children. They give us companionship, comfort, and fulfillment. But what dog owners likely don’t realize is they can give us diseases too.

Last Thursday, Dr. Becker appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and talked about the diseases that our beloved pets can spread to us. In an interview with Paw Nation Dr. Becker states: “Because we’re living more intimate lives with our pets – hugging and kissing our pets, and sleeping with them at night — we’re at more risk for catching certain zoonotic diseases from our dogs and cats.”

A lot of owners allow their dogs to lick their mouths, which really isn’t a good idea. The most common diseases passed from canine to human come from MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), parasites and ringworm.

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