Veterinary Experts Highlight the Growing Concern of Canine Vector-Borne Diseases (CVBD(TM))


Leading global experts in veterinary medicine, human medicine, and parasitology have outlined the growing threat of canine vector-borne diseases (CVBD) and the impact these diseases have on canine and human health at the 5th Annual CVBD Symposium in New York City.

The CVBD Symposium, sponsored by the CVBD World Forum, includes veterinary and human experts hailing from the U.S., UK, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Brazil and Korea. Scientific data presented at the meeting cited global animal movement and climate as major contributors to the increase in parasites, bacteria, and viruses spread by ticks, fleas, mosquitoes and sand flies. Among the more prevalent and virulent of these are Borrelia spp. (Lyme Disease), Rickettsia rickettsii (Rocky Mountain spotted fever), Bartonella spp. (Bartonellosis or Cat Scratch Fever), Ehrlichia spp. (Ehrlichiosis), D. Immitis (Heartworm Disease) and Leishmania spp. (Leishmaniasis).

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