Rabies: United Nations Adds a New Web Site to Its Arsenal in Fight Against Rabies

By Donald G. McNeill, New York Times

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has begun a global rabies Web site to encourage nations around the world to bring the disease under control.

Rabies has been around since antiquity, and death from it is prolonged and agonizing, with the victim succumbing to terrifying hallucinations and fear of water. (In French, it is called “la rage.”)

In poor countries, many victims are children bitten by stray dogs. In the United States, it is rare in pet cats and dogs, but often found in wild foxes, skunks, raccoons and bats. (The Pro-MED Web site, which tracks emerging diseases, recently posted articles from local American papers describing 16 attacks by rabid animals in just the month of June.)

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