Michael Taylor outlines food safety challenges

By Keith Nunes, FoodBusinessNews.net

While the food safety legislation that is currently pending before Congress has taken some time to work its way through the legislative process, Michael Taylor, deputy commissioner for food at the Food and Drug Administration and head of the Office of Foods, doesn’t see passage of the legislation as the hard part. The challenge will be implementing legislation that is designed to overhaul the nation’s food safety system.

Speaking during a session at the Grocery Manufacturers Association’s annual Executive Conference, held in late August in Colorado Springs, Mr. Taylor outlined what it will take to implement the new legislation once it is passed.

“With regard to this legislation we are keenly aware of what it will take to implement it,” he said. “I read the manager’s markup on the way out here to remind myself of the work that is going to be expected of the F.D.A. To implement the law will require 11 different regulations, 30 different guidances and all of this stuff is in response to having a clear mandate on food safety.

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