Fast-acting Rabies Antibody Moves into Next Phase of Trials

By Umesh Isalkar, The Times of India

The first phase of clinical trials for a new anti-rabies drug, which claims to instantly deactivate the deadly rabies virus and provide immediate protection in severe dog-bite cases, has been successful.

The drug, developed by Pune-based Serum Institute of India (SII), is a monoclonal ready-made antibody. It was found to be safe and effective in phase I tests carried out on healthy adults in Mumbai and will now enter phase II and III of the clinical trials.

“A ready-made antibody is required to give immediate protection because a vaccine generally takes 14 days to produce antibodies,” said S V Kapre, executive director of SII. “If the bites are severe or close to the brain, the virus may reach the brain within 14 days and cause rabies. The new antibody gives immediate protection,” Kapre said.

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