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Demand Grows for ‘Animal Law’ Expertise

By Lorraine Mirabella, Baltimore Sun Sheriff’s deputies knocked on Roger and Sandra Jenkins’ front door in Taneytown early one Saturday in January to serve a court paper to the couple’s teenage son. Within minutes, a chaotic scene unfolded, and the family’s chocolate Labrador retriever was shot by one of the deputies and collapsed bleeding in […]

Experts Warn That Any Dog Can Bite

By Abigail Curtis, Bangor Daily News When Courtney Nelson heard that 7-month-old Annabelle Mitchell had been killed Tuesday by the Mitchell family’s Rottweiler, her first reaction was the same as that of many Mainers: shock and sorrow. “I cried. I can’t even talk about it right now. It tears me up,” the assistant director at […]

Repopulating Rural Veterinarians

By Geni Wren, Dairy Herd In last Sunday’s Kansas City Star an article by John Milburn from the Associated Press talked about Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signing a new law to create Rural Opportunity Zones in counties that have faced large population declines in the past decade. The point of the law is to lure […]

Vets’ Bodies See Off Attempt to Restrict Medicine Sales

By Rog Wood, Herald Scotland The British Veterinary Association (BVA) and Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) have successfully seen off an attempt by MEPs to restrict the ability of vets to sell veterinary medicines directly to farmers and other animal owners. Ahead of yesterday’s debate in the Agriculture and Rural Development (AGRI) committee on […]

Monkeys ‘Harbour Malaria Threat’

By James Gallagher, BBC Scientists are warning that a species of malaria could switch from targeting monkeys to humans. Macaques in south east Asia are a vast source of Plasmodium knowlesi which can spread to people, they write in PLoS Pathogens. They believe that growing human populations and increased deforestation in the region could lead […]

Vet Tax Axed

By Linda Rehkopf, Northeast Cobb Patch Northeast Cobb pet owners can breathe a sigh of relief. Thanks to the determination of Georgia’s pet owners and veterinarians, the proposed tax on veterinary services has been deleted from pending legislation. The 2010 Special Council on Tax Reform and Fairness for Georgians (otherwise known as that bipartisan committee […]

Study On Voluntary BSE Testing

TheCattleSite.com A study just released offers information on the costs and benefits of voluntary BSE testing of Canadian cattle. The study, funded by the Alberta Prion Research Institute, PrioNet Canada, and the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency, is intended to encourage discussion within the cattle industry. The study analysed whether the costs for the beef […]

Seattle Should Not Set Bad Precedent in Pet Case

By John W. Schedler, The Seattle Times Seattle taxpayers are being asked to pay $60,000 to the owner of a dog that was accidentally electrocuted when he stepped on a metal plate connected to one of the city’s streetlights. As an animal lover, I have enormous sympathy for the dog’s owner. But as a taxpayer […]

Spending on Pets Up During Lean Economic Times: POLL

Reuters Americans may be clipping money-saving coupons and delaying buying a new home, but when it comes to their pets they’re spending more than ever, according to a new survey. Between trips to the vet, specialty foods, treats and toys, pet insurance and even parties, Americans have no compunction about opening up their wallets to […]

Simple Injection Could Cure Cat Allergies

By Martin Beckford, Telegraph Researchers are developing a vaccine that provides long-term protection against the itching, sneezing and watering eyes that cats cause in up to one in 10 people. Early trials suggest the product is safe, effective and lasts longer than current treatments, which can also have serious side-effects. If further tests are successful, […]