Animal Health Institute Announces Judges for 2015 Cutest Pets on Capitol Hill Contest

Journalists, Celebrity Makeup Artist, Animal Health Expert to Judge 7th Annual Capitol Hill Contest

Washington, D.C. – September 14, 2015 The Animal Health Institute (AHI) announced four judges for this year’s Cutest Pets on Capitol Hill contest. The 2015 judges include both contest veteran judges and some participating for the first time.

  • Francesca Chambers, White House Correspondent – Daily Mail Online
  • Dr. Ashley Gallagher, DVM – Friendship Hospital for Animals
  • Erwin Gomez, Celebrity Makeup Artist – Karma Beauty Lounge
  • Michael Schaffer, Editor – Washingtonian

The judges will select the five cutest pets in three categories – dog, cat and exotic animal. The public voting will determine the cutest pet in each category. Online voting will be held from September 17 through September 24 on the Healthy Animals website.

“The Cutest Pets on Capitol Hill Contest is a beloved and anticipated tradition in town,” said Ron Phillips, vice president of legislative and public affairs, AHI. “We love seeing the submissions and are excited for everyone to participate by voting for the cutest pets on the Hill.”

Winners will be announced at an invitation-only ceremony on Tuesday, September 29 that coincides with Pet Night on Capitol Hill. This year’s celebrity pets are Frosty, who plays Larry on the award-winning television show Modern Family and Jagger, star of the movie Max.

Members of Congress and Hill staffers were eligible to nominate their dogs, cats and exotic pets for entry.


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